Tyler Lockett recently sat down with Q13 FOX’s Aaron Levine to give Seattle Seahawks fans a look into where he’s at going into his second year in the league.

No. 16 took a look back at his first year in the league and explained how he’s just now finding his footing as a professional football player.

“Obviously, my confidence level has grown a lot from where it was last year, but I’m still trying to get it to the place it was when I was able to play comfortably, like when I was at Kansas State or when I was a senior in high school,” No. 16 explained. “When you’re a freshman, you have that mindset of, ‘I don’t want to mess up.’ But you want to go out there and play your game. But now I’m going into my second year and I’m getting close to that place where I can trust my abilities.”

Watch Tyler’s full conversation—and get a sneak preview of his next touchdown celebration, below courtesy of Q13FOX.com.